Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chapter 4-Counting down to freedom

I’m looking forward to the future a little too much. As soon as the first paycheck gets deposited, I'm already consumed thinking about the next one. I can't wait till the daily grind comes to halt. Where time stops, people can't move, and we all find ourselves paralyzed within a room of mirrors.
All ideas will be worthless, because they can no longer be put to practice. All you have to look at, is your self. Every single detail of your life will be made present. Every wrinkle on your face exposed. Every idea you ever had, plastered within the room of mirrors. Every thought and action. All continue within a room of mirrors. There will be no one to judge you, but your self. For once in your life your very own soul will stare you straight in the eye. You have two choices, left or right.
Shortly after, time regains momentum. What you experienced was as real as life itself. The whole world will soon find out what this means, till next time wait for chapter five.

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