Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chapter 3-Coffee grinds

The smell of fresh ground coffee soothes the soul. Pour the beans into the grinder, and there you have it fresh ground coffee. Lock yourself up in a room filled with coffee beans, and imagine having a conversation with Juan Valdez.(who recently retired and replaced by a new Juan after a long awaited search.)

Why is coffee always better when you buy it from the store. Coffee from the store is much more appealing, which of course is very debatable. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of being on the road and always venturing into new places clenching your paper cup with incredible thirst.

Coffee from the home comes in second place, but usually on the first cup carries the mystic appeal. Third on the list is coffee from work, which I dread, and I just don’t know why it tastes so bad. It’s probably because it lacks the freshness and zeal of the first two choices. The big can sits on the counter oxidizing, and rotting in the yellowed office. One person usually has the task of making the coffee, but it does not matter, it is still foul.

However, one thing is for certain, coffee will always help us through the daily grind.

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