Saturday, March 15, 2008

Media Hype and its influence

When you read a newspaper article, do you believe it? Do you believe what some guy told some guy to write down? This is a question you must ask every time you read an article or watch a show. That is all for today.

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Anil said...

I used to believe media a little when I was in India, because the same news was being shown from different angles at different channels. I could listen to all of them and then weight the truth of the news story in my own judgment. Now I'm in America, and the news here is totally biased. The American media doesn't want to hear anything anti-American or anti-Bush. It appears as if each one of the American senators and the president have hefty stakes in the media shares.

I'd trust a news given by an Indian media company about 10% of the times, but I'd never be able to trust any news given by any American TV news channel. They simply don't have any balls to publish any truth.