Friday, June 29, 2007

Corn on the rise

With the rise of the cornstalk is coming a new day. In the last week my popcorn grew a whole inch in the last week. And with warm weather on the horizon, things are definitely looking greener on this side of the stalk.


Sol said...


I see that you like plants ;-)
Thanks for the nice words.

Now I instantly regret, that I didn't work a bit harder to make a better picture of the ceramics letters on the children trees.

That's the dark side of this fast moving world.

Do you like vines as well? We have quite a few of them here in Champagne.

Best regards Sol

Cesar Gaytan said...

Tanks for visit my blog, and by the comment, sorry my english is poor.
one question. was impresivo (print)or impresionante (wow) :)


César Gaytán
Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

Ambassador said...


Thanks for dropping in - I grew up in VERY northern New York State, near the border with Ontario. Dad's expression for corn was "knee high by the fourth of July". Yours looks well on its way.

Here in New Orleans, everything grows year round, so I am blessed to have fresh herbs most of the year, but no room to grow produce from my youth. I miss green peas and carrots, still warm from the sun. Hope everything's growing your way. Ken

sofia bryant said...

Hi. I don´t know your name, but you´ve visited my blog. I wonder how you got to it... everything´s written in spanish, did you understand it?
My blog, I use it for my university projets. I study cinema at Buenos Aires...

See ya.

sofia bryant said...

I like plants too. And mountains and lakes...

Balou said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Elaine said...

sounds like love to you.
but it's love lost for me. shrugs.

i'm glad you're optimistic, we need more of that in this cynical world we live in.