Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Chapter 6- A Dusty Car

The loud rumbling beneath the wheels leaves a trail of smoke. The rough gravel road only gets rougher. You can’t drive too fast or you’ll fish tail right into a ditch. It makes you nervous wondering if your tires are any good, next thing you know you could be fixing a flat.
In the meantime a thick film of dust seeps in through the vents, every square inch of your car is covered. The dust clogs your nostrils, irritates your eyes and scrapes against your tooth enamel.
Your only reward is when you step out of the car, surrounded by silence. You look back and for miles there is a cloud of dust rising along the traill.
Encased by a magnificent view and crisp mountain air, you have no regrets. All it cost you was a dusty old car.

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