Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day 1 of many

"The paragraph is a structural convenience" states the Canadian edition of the practical stylist, on page 22, chapter 3.


To fill in all the necessary holes of not having an active mind I am going to start something new or old. Maybe it's something that somebody has already done.

Welcome to 40 days of 40 chapters


Cut your mind in half and you will end up with two. A scraggly old school teacher whipped out his chalk and went off about nothing for the duration of the class

Instead my mind was blanked by train whistles and white noise from highway traffic. Nothing the teacher said penetrated. His words bounced off my forehead and landed on the floor.

It was then when I decided to board a train of thought.

What if I started my own business, or become an artist, spending the rest of my life in yellowed crusty rooms punching out numbers or painting canvass after canvass.

I must have not heard the starting gun, the others have since ran off with their ideas and capitalized. I chose to wait and think. It was not worth it to jump the gun, taking the money, and running with the rest of the human race. My life was like a carefully thought out plan waiting to unfold.

My job is good, there is no schoolteachers left, yet adventure seems like a distant cloud out of reach. Wishing that I was the one who invented the electric toothbrush. But then again life would not be so satisfying knowing that I helped a mass amount of people keep their teeth sparkling white.

Time to wake up

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Mailman Dan said...

Oh man this blog is great so far richard. I think that was one of the most engaging things i've ever read that you wrote.
I look forward to more like a crocodile with watermelon seeds stuck in his teeth.